Friday December 17, 2021 Updates

Mass absence due to covid exposure and TikTok threats.

Xavier Reynolds, Dakota Meekins//Editor

On Thursday December 16, 2021, nearly 900 students received an email regarding a close contact with someone that had covid and were instructed to quarantine.

The Following day at Charles Herbert Flowers high school, there was almost no one there, maybe a few hundred students. Throughout the day the main office called down students that were in close contact to send them home. There were about 10 students in every class at mostand 35 teachers absent. 

If a teacher was not there, students were told to stay in the auditorium or the gym. There were also multiple instances of buses not showing up after school. 

Schools across the U.S. closed, or students did not come to school because there was a Tik-Tok encouraging students to bring weapons to school. There were no specific schools or cities mentioned, but many students stayed home after the mass threat. Schools across the nation seemed like a ghost town after administration in the school allowed students to stay home, it seems like most students did. 

These two events caused a large amount of absence throughout Flowers High School.