Talent of the Month

Alice Oshin , Staff Writer

Isaiah “Hazy”  Hill is a 17 year old African -American who is about his business . Isaiah has to be only known Charles Herbert Flowers student who is actually signed to a label. The label he is signed to is UFM Management Company ,he has not been signed to a record label but  if he was giving a chance to sign to a big record label at this moment of his life “ I would sign to RCA or Atlantic” but he leans towards Atlantic Records more because of his influence Chris Brown  .
Like most people who have a dream he wants to pursue this as a career , this is not just something for fun he is actually serious but if something was to happen to him that would prevent him from his music  he has college to fall back on . He is planning to go either Bowie or Howard University and with him being a 4.0 student that is going to be easy for him to get in .Unlike most DMV rapper Hazy is not someone who  goes in peoples DMs or mentions , he actually get flyers made ,he gets his friends and family to promote as hard as they can , and he also uses social media .
Hazy is an odd name to just claim so how did come up with it?  “Well me  and cousin  thinking about names for a long to the point where my cousin said let’s just spell your name backward ,so then i spelled it backwards but it look ugly so i just changed the spelling and then yeah”. With a strange name its normal to just think he is unique technique and style to his music well according to him and his friends “My sound and character separates me from other DMV rapper”
If anyone  wants to know more about him follow him on twitter @Hazy_Zai