Freewrite: Virtual Again?


Sydney Ellis, Editor

Thursday December 16, was the last day I attended school in-person in 2021. This lock down has made me super cautious of my health, even with being vaccinated. I’m not completely sure how I would feel if we have to lock-down for the remainder of the school year. At the moment I am grateful to have been given a break. I can now take some time to work on, and better myself in ways that in-person school made me incapable of. While many of my classmates and peers may be battling the deadly virus referred to as corona, I am relieved from some of the few hardships of going to the actual school building everyday. I hope to return to the school building on the scheduled date of Tuesday January 18. I don’t like using zoom and staring at my computer throughout the entire day as it becomes tiring. I do appreciate the free time I receive during classes to complete assignments from any of my teachers. I know that being virtual will not be as easy and enjoyable for others as it is for me. Overall, I hope that we, as a people, can take steps toward freeing ourselves from the spread of this virus and the virus itself. That’s how I feel as we submerge ourselves into virtual learning. Again.