The Influence of Covid-19


Jeniya Moore, Sydney Ellis, Editor

The pandemic made its way into all of our lives in March of 2020.  The pandemic has caused us to shut down and quarantine for about a year.  Being in solitude with ourselves, family, and our mind.  This can impact people in all ways.  Personally, this pandemic has affected my life in positive and negative ways.  For example,  quarantine made me get back into reading which I had stopped because of school and after school activities.  This pandemic has also forced me to learn more about about myself, what I like, and expanded my mind overall as a person.  However,  its not really good to be stuck in one place with the same exact people for a long period of time.  Not having the option to socialize with people my age and go places took a toll on my mental health.  I’ve developed more social anxiety when going out or being around people because I became comfortable with being alone.   For 2 students in my Journalism class the pandemic was actually positive for them.  Eniola Ajayi says the pandemic impacted her in a “mainly positive” way.  Hasfat Ladan says “It has impacted my life in a positive way because I had time to work on myself and mature.”  So, as this year is coming to a close, try to think about how Covid-19  has influenced you.