Are We Really Going To Return Back To School On January 18th?

Malikat Usamot, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

Recently there have been increases in COVID cases in the school and county. So based on the decision of senior leadership, all PGCP Schools will be on virtual learning from 12/20-23 – 1/3-14. In person learning will resume on 1/18. But do you think we are really going back to school as nothing happened? I personally think “No”. Reason why is  because, if we do go back to school more COVID cases will probably rise up and we will be sent back to doing virtually classes again. I understand that these seniors of  PGCPS Schools and some of us want to go back to school for various reasons. But we have to understand that even if COVID cases go down does not mean that it has vanished. And wearing masks and social distance is not even being managed properly when we are at school. So there is no rush to going back to school when we haven’t had full confirmation that the virus is controllable.