Is Going Virtual a Good Choice?



Cydney Thompson and Editor: Stacey Alexis

I think that going virtual again is an interesting thing, and to be honest, it seemed like it was going to happen regardless because of the pranks students have been doing and the cases that continue to rise. The Omicron variant appeared in Maryland very quickly and to think the variant was only discovered last month, November 14, 2021; in South Africa.
I think that being virtual again will give students and teachers, more time to themselves to improve their overall health if they want to. Students can take more time to improve their grades. I know that I can take this time to improve in all of my classes, and you should too if you have to do any make-up work.
Also considering we’ve had virtual classes last year, it’s nothing new to us and might not be as bad considering we’ve gotten settled in within the past 3-4 months of being in school after a year. I think we can prosper off of not being at school for a while.
But how do you, feel about being virtual again?