High School Senior Scholarships

Reyna Tagyen

WSSC Water High School Art Contest

Hello all,

We’d like your help in getting the word out about our high school art contest focused on water quality and protecting local sources of drinking water.

This contest has two opportunities for students to win, first is our local contest with students from Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, with a grand prize of $100 in two categories. Those winners will then be entered into a regional contest where they will be judged along with the winners from neighboring utilities in the DC metro area. With a grand prize for the regional contest being $300 and $150 for the runner-up in each category.

Feel free to share the below blurb in an email announcement, post the PDF in common areas where students may see it or use the attached photo and information from the blurb for social media posts. Please tag us on social @WSSCWater on Facebook and Instagram and @WSSCWaterNews on Twitter

Please direct any questions to [email protected]wsscwater.com

WSSC Water “Protect Our Source” High School Art Contest

Calling all high school students – time to show off your artistic side and help WSSC Water highlight the importance of protecting our source water by submitting artwork focused on one or all of the following themes:
·        How human actions on land impact water quality
·        A community’s connection to local waterways – in terms of drinking water sources as well as places for recreation and enjoyment
·        The role of water utilities to protect our sources of water through environmental stewardship and responsible wastewater treatment

$100 for each winner.

Submissions are due by Friday, March 18, 2022

Complete Contest Details and Submission Form (linked below)

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]wsscwater.com