Virtual Learning Leaves CHF Halls Empty


Ariel Olfus

Ariel Olfus, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

Today is December 22, 2021 and after 4 months of being in school, we are back at home in virtual. This picture was taken this morning in Ms Whitworth’s Journalism Class and as we can see here, the halls are empty. It’s surreal to think about because we were in school just last week, and now the building looks like a ghost town. The rise in COVID cases are to blame, according to CEO Monica Goldson, “I am alarmed by the rising numbers across our schools: A two-day total last week consisted of fewer than 100 cases. This week, we saw a high of 155 cases reported in a single day.”

As we can see here, there were many COVID cases reported and students can not work safely in that environment. It is better to be safe than having everyone be sick, but I still hope that we can return to school safely. Physically being in school is a lot better than being at home where we can’t interact with anyone and it takes a toll on everyone. Hopefully on January 18, these halls will be filled with people again and we can be back in school.