Classrooms Are Empty And Virtual Is Back

Cydney Thompson and Sheon Lopez, Editor

As we are only a few days into virtual, it’s been interesting how abruptly the change occured. We started with few cases and seemingly normal school days to the Omicron variant appearing in school, and a sharp increase of cases within 2 days. This lead to Flowers High School closing, with students and staff reverting back to virtual learning. In the past two weeks, the Omicron variant quickly surged in Maryland with 6,000 cases.

As for PGCPS, schools are sought to open again January 14th, 2022 with in person learning continuing on January 18th 2022, but will the date be pushed further back like last year’s pandemic?  Though we have yet to find out whether the reopening of schools will be good for public health, it is urgent that everyone keeps themselves safe by following CDC guidelines and getting tested.

Zena Whitworth/Cydney Thompson