My Feelings on Virtual

A Rare Opinion

Nataliyah Robinson, Dakota Meekins//Editor

Schools have gone virtual once again. Instead, this time, I am fine with being home. I like virtual, I can do things on my own time, eat whenever I want to, etc. I feel like I work better virtually than in school. Don’t get me wrong, my grades are good either way, but I feel as though there are less distractions while Im at home, in my room. I feel great not having to get up at 6:30, having to walk to my bus stop and be in class. I could wake up at 7:30 and be up in time for my first class. Theres not a lot of people that have the same opinion as me. Most say it stresses them out, and they work better in the school building. Everybodys different though. Feel free to leave your take on it. Virtual learning