What are you thankful for?

Saffie Kamara,Tetevi Sobo

   Oh, what a beautiful morning, I had a good night’s rest, and tasty pepper soup this morning.  Most importantly today, I am very thankful for another beautiful day and being able to be here this morning. There are many people who were not able to wake up today and see this day.  There are currently many crying families as well due to the fact that their family member was unable to wake up this morning.  I want to thank God for blessing me today.  I am very Thankful for God and my family members. I am very Thankful to whoever is reading this right now.  You are very special and highly appreciated.  You clearly have a purpose if you are still here today. Reader, I am thankful for you and be thankful for yourself as well – you got to see another day!  you have the ability to read and understand what I am saying right now – be grateful!  Some people lose their ability to do these things that we look upon as simple, not realizing that we can lose these abilities at any time.