Natural hair trend

Mikayla Smith , Staff Writer

Natural hair is becoming a trend from 2014 as of 2015. The reason most woman are becoming natural is because it protects your hair from damaging perms and relaxers. Most women memos are to love your hair that you were born with because it is telling god that you don’t like the way he made you which you should. By being natural people have notice hair growth and hair thickness. From me being natural I really like it because it’s many different ways you can style your hair and wear out your hair. I did a big chop while back and I have notice my hair sprouting and my hair getting thicker. The most popular natural hair styles are the bantu knot, Twist/braid out and wash, go’s and dreads. They have a variety of natural hair products such as olive oil, lemon grass oil, Cantu shea butter, Jamaican herbal oil, coconut oil and many more.