Homemade Christmas Gifts

You don’t need to buy a gift every year, make one!


Stacey Alexis

My blue and white themed Christmas tree!

Stacey Alexis, Writer

When Christmas time comes around, people scramble to stores and malls in search of the perfect. From shoes to toys to clothes to phones, all kinds of gifts can be bought online and in-store. While everyone is heading to Target, I head to my local crafts store to find the pieces I need to make heartfelt gifts for my family.
I’ve made homemade gifts for my family for about five years and every year I find new things to make for them. I find arts n crafts enjoyable and I can share those crafts with the people I love. Making gifts feels more heartfelt and meaningful to me because you put more time and effort to make the best gift.
I’ve made paintings, hanging mobiles, and clay creations for my family years prior and today there are glass vases and wall decorations to get wrapped and ready for the holidays.
Hope you find or create the perfect gift for your family this Christmas.