Opinion: Rising COVID cases in Schools Raise Hundreds of Unanswered Questions


Showayane Wallace, Editor: Virginia Bates

On December 3, 2021, it was reported that Omicron had officially hit Maryland. Starting in Baltimore, it began to spread at a rapid rate, with many advising that this new variant could be a problem. In schools of more than 2,000 students, with many who have not been vaccinated and some who choose not to wear their masks correctly, any variant is a problem. Especially if this variant is accompanying that of an already existing strain that doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the steadily cooling seasons.

Many schools have reported an increase in cases that span from students to educators, and for this reason, many feel as if it is unsafe to keep going about education as we are now, and honestly, can we blame them?

Many students have noticed the lack of substitutes when a teacher is out. Many students have noted the absence of teachers, some of whom have caught the virus, and while virtual wasn’t ideal for most people, how long will it be before we notice that in-person learning is no longer sustainable?

When will this form of education cause more harm than good?

There was a reason students left Zoom, so what happens when there is a need to go back?

With less than 2 weeks before Christmas, many are traveling, visiting family, attending parties, working with many new people, and, overall, just being out and about getting things done during their holiday. However, all these students must come back to school at some point.

All those students that have been out and about need to come back to school and be around 2,000 other students for 7 hours a day who have been doing the same thing.

So, what exactly is the new normal? Could the in-person school year-end in 2021, and if so, what does that mean for students who struggled online? What is next for the students of Charles Herbert Flowers?