How Covid Has Affected Student-Athletes


Michael Peters and Editor: Daphne Nwobike

Covid is affecting student-athletes mentally and physically.

Covid negatively impacted many sports in the past month. For many students, sports are the only things that bring them to school because getting good grades is necessary to compete in PGCPS. However, since Covid has taken out numerous sports, many students have started to lose interest in school and academics as a whole. More impacts of Covid on student-athletes include:

  • Causing mental health issues
  • Imposing barriers to training
  • Forcing students to stay in unconducive living and learning environments
  • Causing students to have negative academic experiences
  • Preventing students from getting their required physical training

Despite the debilitating effects of Covid, students should not use this time to slack off. Instead, they should find time to exercise. They should also attend class regularly and remain attentive because their grades will be an essential factor in deciding whether or not they will play sports next year.

All in all, student-athletes should keep their bodies and minds right over this break.