ProStart Culinary and Restaurant Management Program

Raegan Travers and Copy Editor: Stacey Alexis

Attention all 10th graders!

This is a great opportunity for 10th graders only to join the ProStart Master Chefs Culinary and Restaurant Management CTE Specialty Program Here at Charles Herbert Flowers.

We have one of the top ProStart programs in the State of Maryland!!

ProStart is designed for students that are interested in a career in Culinary, Food Service Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Event Planning, Nutrition, and Food photography to name a few. 

ProStart offers College and Career readiness, which includes:

-) Professional ServSafe Certification (Food Service Manager Cert.);

-) College level credit to Culinary/hospitality Universities/community colleges

-) Scholarships to Culinary/hospitality Universities/community colleges 

-) Internships and apprenticeships in the food industry   

ProStart may also be a good option for students that want to start a career in the food industry after graduation. 

The skills that will be taught may also be useful for students that may not want to go to Culinary school. The experience and skills can build a resume for finding a part-time job in the food industry while attending college (with another major) as well.

If you are a 10th grader and would like to commit to this 2-year program please come by my room 1108 (2nd-floor main street) and/or email me your interest so that I can give you further steps on joining the program.

Please enjoy this video to get an idea of what ProStart is about!!