First Morning Announcements of the New Year 1/5/22

First Morning Announcements of the New Year 1/5/22

Principal Dr.Gorman Brown , Editors : Shyann Snyder and Stacey Alexis

I pray that each of you had the courage to enter this new year embracing the opportunities to be great in all that you do! Welcome to another Wonderful Winning Wednesday at our Mecca of Excellence! Today is an “A” day. The classes start at 7: 45am. Please arrive on time, with your cameras on, ready to learn!

Continuing with virtual learning

We will continue with virtual learning through Friday, January 14th, returning to school on Tuesday, January 18th. Classes will follow the normal schedule. Though we will not be together physically, please continue to commit to learning by logging in, participating in learning, and completing all of your assignments. Remember, this too shall pass, and we will be back together soon 🙂

Please send me any information that you would like added to the announcements.


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As long as we are on virtual learning, I will send these announcements daily. I had to use a new format, so please be patient as I work out the kinks.

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