Junior Aaliyah Amekudzi Snow Picture 3A Contest Winner

Sophomore Deoantae Roach Runner Up


Aaliyah Amekudzi

“Only in the DMV will it be 60 degrees one day and snowy the next.”

Makyah White , Editor: Shyann Snyder

Journalism 3A held a was a contest for best caption and picture and the theme was snow. We got to see everybody’s picture and talk about each other’s work. At the end of reviewing everyone’s picture/caption, we all voted on the best one.

We came down to two people, Aaliyah Amekudzi and Deontae Roach.

The winner of the Snow Contest was….. AALIYAH AMEKUDZI!!!!!

Congratulations Aaliyah, and Congrats to Deontae for being second runner up!