Faith Gemoh and Oluwafunmilola Aderoju

Attendance plays a vital part in PGCPS community because not only does it marks you as present in class, it can also serve as proof of location, being at the right place and at the right time provided you are marked present. Being marked absent or tardy, is a challenge which teachers and students  faced last year, but with the PGCPS community now on virtual learning, it makes the whole situation even more difficult for students, teachers and even parents.

On the side of Parents, it only affects them in the sense that they might get disturbed at work by a phone call, which is letting them know that their child was absent.

Students are the ones who face the highest difficulty in this situation because being absent, means that you can not do the classwork for that day. If  a student is being marked absent, it could be because of several reasons but a teacher will not be able to know because they cannot determine if a student is deliberately  refusing to attend class or if they have connection issues.  Even when students email teachers, some teachers might see it late when the attendance has already being submitted.

Who else thinks the situation was better during in-person learning than now in virtual learning??

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