Morning Announcements 01/05/21

Morning Announcements 01/05/21

Principal Dr. Brown, Writer

Looking at old things differently provides you the freedom to be innovative in solving your problems. There is no such thing as failure, only problems where you have yet to discover the solution!

Welcome to another Thriving Thursday at our Mecca of Excellence! Today is a “B” day. School starts at 7:45 am. Please arrive on time, with your cameras on, ready to learn!


Continuing with virtual learning

We will continue with virtual learning through Friday, January 14th, returning to school on Tuesday, January 18th (Teachers return to the building on Monday, January 10th). Classes will follow the normal schedule. Though we will not be together physically, please continue to commit to learning by logging in, participating in learning, and completing all of your assignments. Remember, this too shall pass, and we will be back together soon 🙂


Congratulations to our Posse Scholar!

The Posse Scholarship is one of the most prestigious full-tuition scholarships in our country. Please congratulate Senior Daphne Nwobikefor being awarded this honor!


Time to start thinking about AP!!

AP registration has begun! The Advanced Placement program allows our students access to rigorous, college-level coursework. EVERY student should be thinking about taking as many AP classes as possible before graduation. Please reach out to Dr. Boykins at [email protected] if you have more questions. 

2022-2023 CH Flowers AP Registration


Video from the Athletic Council- Lacrosse recap

Please see the video below from our Athletic Council. Excellent work AC and Lacrosse Team!


Recorded Morning Announcements

Please take a look at today’s announcements as we begin to discuss how to set and achieve goals! 

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