Students’ Anxiety Increases Due to Returning to the Virtual Learning Style


Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

Jeniya Moore, Editor: Favour Ijaola & Virginia Bates

A lot of students at the MECCA of Charles Herbert Flowers High School struggle with their grades. Students may prefer different learning styles and ways of being taught. Burnouts, stress, and mental health issues contribute to many students’ falling out of school. Putting in so much effort to complete assignments and receive a grade may feel excessive and unfair.

Many peers understand how it feels when grades aren’t looking good and there’s apprehension about speaking up and confronting a teacher. Something teenagers fail to remember is that teachers are just as human as you are.

Teachers have experienced numerous learning styles in their years of adopting and teaching. They can empathize as they re-acclimate to us. Grades may feel like they have just been overlooked, but teachers have so many students to keep up with at once. These are reasons why students should get the courage to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Make sure to be polite, understanding, and open-minded when having this conversation, or it won’t go anywhere. Be brave and strive for greatness! Do not settle for less because you are scared to speak up or because you expect things to work themselves out without putting in any effort.