Tips For Youth To Start Writing

Eliminating Writer’s Block & Sparking Creativity


Fanny Luor,

Many students are struggling to write and it’s very important that we find ways to aid them in expressing their creativity through literacy.

Deontae Roach, Editor: Madisyn Brown-Binford

There has been a recent drought in articles produced by our high school students. Now, this could simply be from pure laziness or there could actually be a serious problem. Either way, there needs to be a source of help for these students. There needs to be an outlet to spark creativity to get those thoughts going, pens flowing, and the words on that screen growing. So here are some tips for students.


Write about your passionate opinions – #1

Everyone has an opinion on something. Many people have similar opinions, while others don’t. It’s a start and there will always be someone curious enough to hear what you have to say. Start writing about your perspectives on small topics in life and maybe you’ll move into bigger topics. These topics are the easiest to talk about because it’s your personal opinion based on your experiences with the subject at hand. Just make it formal.

Try to help others – #2

You may have background knowledge on issues that people are just beginning to deal with. Give them your best advice on how to cope or get through their situation. You never know who you’re helping out. It’s a win-win situation. You get to have a source of new writing material and the audience gets suggestions in life.

Discuss trending topics – #3

There are always real-world events occurring. There are many disastrous and catastrophic things going on every day. You can learn about them all throughout the media. There are so many sources. Get the real news about these events and report on them. Focus on the truth.

Continue your old work – #4

There is no shame in continuing what got you moving in the beginning. Try to do a continuation of your old pieces of work. Depending on the subject of the matter, there may be new details to discuss. Things are always changing and people want to be updated about those things. Be the one to update them before somebody else does. Have no shame!

Write about upcoming or old bodies of work – #5

Many films, written pieces, and other bodies of work have millions of fans waiting to hear about them. A good way to be a significant writer is to blog about books and films from the past or future that interested you. This will always keep certain readers hooked on you. They will always want to hear from you. You could write a list just like this one. You could give your opinion on the top 10 films of the decade. Your opinion could spark a huge debate, just try your hand. The possibilities of writing are endless.

Write about local issues – #6

If there is something going on in your area, talk about it. Many readers in your area and all around the world could be interested. People want to know about the world around their daily life. So give it to them.

Write about adventures/places you’ve traveled – #7

No one has lived the life you’ve lived. There are millions of people who’ve never had the experiences you’ve had. They’ve never even been half of the places you’ve been. Give detailed descriptions of your personal adventures. Talk about the scenery in places you’ve visited. Write about the food you eat, people you see, and even the smells you’ve smelled. There are so many things. This list can go from sports to cultural practices.

Give Reviews – #8

Millions of companies have come out with products and they never stop producing. They need reviews to help improve their products. People need the “new” in their life. Give the recommendation to either buy or stay away from products (Don’t forget to say why!).  You could personally profit from this as well. You could get paid to review. It could be like a sponsorship. You would be entering the world of content marketing. You could review things as simple as the newest video game or big as the newest iPhone. This is sure to attract new readers.