Learn with Leaders Upcoming Programs and Internship Opportunities

Makyah White, Frederick Groves

This is from Mr. Groves

Good morning CHFHS Students,


Greetings from Learn with Leaders – we hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year!

We are excited to share with you two of our upcoming programs in thought leadership and communication; and the World’s First Global Scholar Internship program. 


1. Global Communication Leaders Program by Ivy League mentors


This 4-weekend program is geared towards empowering students with crucial communication and public speaking skills to share their brilliant ideas, find their inner confidence, and embark on journeys to become future thought leaders and innovators. The program begins with students receiving a speech prompt and delivering two speeches each week.


Students would be mentored and guided by mentors from top universities and would receive feedback on prompts as well. Led by Mr. Nacho Nwana (Former MIT Class President, Co-Founder, Valfee, Analyst at Analysis Group, Co-Founder of Fund the Gap Alliance, and Host of Africa Unveiled the Podcast), this feedback based program facilitated by Valfee (Valuable feedback) aims to provide individualized and effective feedback on the content and delivery of the responses and lets the student practice speaking in front of their peers in group communication and networking sessions. 


Program Dates: 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th February 2022(4 Saturdays)

Duration: 4 weekends (only Saturdays)

Application Eligibility: Grades 7th – 12th

Program Fee for Early Applicants: USD 100

Early Application Deadline: 30th January 2022

Fee for Regular Applicants: USD 150  

Mode: Video Conferencing

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2. Global Scholars Internship Program under the guidance of Ivy league mentors and corporate executives 

The internship program will entail an opportunity to wear the hats of “intrapreneurs” within several exciting projects of Learn with Leaders. The nature of the internship program will allow interns to explore various fields and get to know what they are good at. The Global Scholar Internship Program also aims to serve the 3-pillar foundation of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) which are prevalent in every internship. The program offers students a rare opportunity to portfolio building and networking with industry leaders. 

Students will be mentored by Ivy League mentors enhanced by Harvard Student Agencies and work under the guidance of executives from startups and established companies through experiential and educational projects.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Internship, a Letter of Recommendation, recognition for CAS hours completed during the Internship, and gain career path Guidance and benefits worth upto USD 179 provided through access to Global Students League (GSL): World’s Largest High School Student Community.


Internship Start Date: 5th February 2022

Internship Duration: 3 weeks

Eligibility: 8th – 12th

Program Fee for Early Applicants: USD 199


Early Application Deadline: 30th January 2022

Regular Application Fee: USD 249


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