Valerie Martinez , Nataliyah Robinson Editor

Dreams… Dreams remind me of childhood and how young and free I was. No worries or problems stopping me.

¨Dreams come true¨, they said.

These dreams that we dream during these long nights, do they actually come true? But these dreams are fantasy, made up. Maybe these are the dreams that don’t come true. The dreams that everyone else are talking about are dreams for themselves. They dream about their future and what what future they can have.

Dream all what you can dream but to make dreams come true, you have to work through. Work through tough times, don’t give up.

But this feeling of giving up and failure creeps up behind me. Sometimes it surprises me and there’s no warning. I’m so close to the edge of giving up.

¨Don’t give up, don’t give up on your dreams.¨

My dreams? What even are my dreams? My dream to able to fly? My dream to get married? My dream to be able to own as many pairs of shoes as possible? My dream to be successful?

What specifically is a dream?

What if I told you I have no dreams? These dreams come and go. Dreams don’t stick or stay with me.

Maybe I’m the one who fades away from these so called dreams…