I Believe, I hope and I Dream

What Does It Feel Like To Dream?


Amiyah Darden

Amiyah Darden, Editor: Virginia Bates

The gates are fairly closed

Open your mind, let your feelings go

Your ocean flows, your mind opposed

I wish and I hope

Behold, the night within my mind has awoke

I feel and I’ve felt

Ive dreamed while Ive slept

I dont repeat what I dream

For its already been dreamt

I don’t need to stop screaming for the world to know I’ve slept

Hear my thoughts as well as my words

I will attack you with them although it seems absurd

I shall express as if I am polar, my thoughts run like a train

I will flow from the sky like the weather, the clouds cry, rain

I will open like a window, though I am not inside a pane nor in pain

I won’t sit quietly behind those bars that scare me, constantly pulling at the chains

Oh I believe and I hope but all I may do is a dream

Or so I thought

Until I started to dream at school and all throughout my work

My dreams were becoming a reality

Watching clocks and learning how numbers work

I will continue to dream while I am awake

I will take action from here on, today