What’s gonna be different about 2022?


Deontae Roach

Tamya Anderson, Editor

Everyone hopes the new year of 2022 will be their year. If not already, that’s okay; 2022 has just started. There are still 11 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days until the year ends. The real question is, how are you going to make this year different from 2021?

Last year was yet another hard year for our pandemic. With the COVID-19 virus, we’ve lost 1.7 million people worldwide.

On January 9, 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) announced mysterious virus pneumonia in China. On January 21, 2020, a Washington state resident became the first person in the United States with a confirmed case of having the coronavirus. It was then that on January 31, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the human-to-human transmission known as the Coronavirus could be found in China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan after announcing the worldwide death toll of over 200 and nearly 10,000 cases reported.

Through some rough months of adapting to our lifestyles with the addition of having this contagious virus spreading, scientists created a vaccine.

By around mid-summer, Pfizer and Moderna had established themselves as the leaders in the race for vaccine development. Since then, millions of people have been taking the COVID-vaccination to milden the symptoms and immunize themselves against the virus.
As we come toward the end of the year 2021, rules and regulations haven’t changed much. You must still wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and limit your outside activity.

Now, back to my question… What are you going to change this year from last?

Personally, I’m going to continue to follow all COVID-19 regulations, but I won’t live my life in as much fear as I have these past years. I can’t tell you the last time I went out with my friends or even slept in someone’s house. I don’t go out to amusement parks. I’ve really been a homebody since COVID.

This year I’ll be turning 17. I want to go out more with friends and family and visit them every once in a while. I have other personal goals, like dying my hair for the first time, treating myself out, and becoming more comfortable with myself.
Please, take time for yourself to create a bucket list or just think of things you want to do this year to help make this year better than it was last year.

Have an amazing day and year, everyone!