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Desmond Benjamin

Many people have different dreams.  Dreams can change from person to person, age to age. No matter what we still have them. When I was around the age of 6, I had multiple dreams. One that my mom keeps making fun of me about is when I told her I wanted to be a bus driver.

Yeah looking back at it now we laugh and make jokes about it, but back then I was serious about it. The other one I think is very common among boys, It was wanting to be a police officer. At the time where I was living, there was this couple and both of them were police officers. They even had a K-9. They saw how much I liked their job and they decided to give me a police officer toy.

I loved it so much. But, now I’m over it. What I’m saying is that you can have multiple dreams and those dreams may come and stay or they may come and leave. But, when you have a dream don’t put it off go and follow it. People say “DREAM BIG OR DON’T DREAM AT ALL.”

I say dream and dream again. People ask me what are my dreams I just reply with “Whatever comes to mind.”