Some Winter Activities To Try With Some Friends And Family


Loving the snowy day <3

Tamya Anderson, Editor

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is safe and well rested. As you know, it’s Winter everyone. This means the temperature is dropping, and the snow is returning to its spot in the trees and the grass below. This Winter I planned to try new things and spend a lot more time with family and friends. Here are some activities to try out:

Ice Skating

Ice skating is really fun but definitely not the easiest of my favorite Winter activities. As fun as ice skating is, it comes with many beneficial benefits like flexibility. Skating almost requires every muscle in your body and helps improve your joint and muscle health.


Skiing is another one of those fun activities to do in the Winter. Skiing burns calories and strengthens your lower body muscles as well as engages your core muscles.

Now, for some less physical activities try making these:

Making Homemade Cocoa

Try making some homemade hot cocoa. You can be creative and add some of your favorite chocolate candies inside and decorating your cup.

My last activity on the list is..

Baking some cookies

You can never go wrong with fresh baked cookies. Try to make some with your friends and family, feel free to bake any delicious flavor you want.

That’s all the activities that came to mind at the moment, but you can search up some activities to do and try those out as well.

Happy New Year!