Song Review: I’m Bored, You’re Amorous by Dear and the Headlights


This is the audio cover off of Youtube. The song is “I’m Bored, You’re Amorous” by Dear and the Headlights. The album is “Small Steps, Heavy Hooves.”

Madisyn Brown-Binford, Editor: Sydney Ellis & Virginia Bates

I often allow my music streaming services to play whatever is generated according to my previous music choices. This, of course, has mixed results because I sometimes stumble across songs that I dislike.

The tempo of the music causes confusion, especially when paired with a string of lyrics that I feel would work better in a differently structured song. Sometimes, the production lacks style, and the song would do better if it were properly mixed and refined. However, there are also songs that I absolutely adore. 

These are the songs that make me stop what I’m doing to remember the title and add the artist to my follow list. Then, from here, I scour the creator’s page, getting a feel for whether I like the creator or just the song.

One group that I have found amazing is Dear and the Headlights.

Dear and the Headlights is an Indie Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. They began in 2005 and broke up in 2011. They were signed to Equal Vision Records and have had two studio albums. Now, there are multiple songs from this band that I deeply enjoy.

For the sake of my own sanity, I will only describe one of my favorites. This song is called “I’m Bored, You’re Amorous” it is on the “Small Steps, Heavy Hooves” album. 

Dear And The Headlights – I'm Bored, You're Amorous Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
The main singer, ‘Ian Metzger’

“I’m Bored, You’re Amorous” is about a romance that is slowly dying out. The fire that was originally there in the relationship is no longer present, forcing the singer to feel bored in the relationship.

I feel as though the first verse of the song perfectly sums this up. The verse goes:

“I’ve got this feeling in my blood

That I want more, this ain’t enough

A girlfriend, a movie

A slow dance, and straight teeth

Some candle lit forced sentiment

I’m bored to tears, you’re amorous

So please pass the regret

It tastes good on thick skin”

Firstly, I love hearing this opening verse sung. It’s so charming the way it is performed. The lyrics are also extremely simplistic, yet the meaning still shines through. 

Still, this song is an indie rock track. The instrumentals are also highly important to the song.

In the great indie rock style, the song is primarily composed of guitar, drums, pianos, etc. However, it isn’t as strongly played as heavy metal and rock.

Now, you would imagine the instrumental of a song about this topic to be soft and sad. However, the instruments are played in a more upbeat tone.

I enjoy this because the singer sings the song more powerfully. I think this tone adds to the frustration and true feelings behind the lyrics. The instrumental compliments this tone perfectly. My favorite part of the instrumental is the drums. The drums bring comfort while being played alongside the vocals. I would definitely recommend listening to it for yourself.