Animal Contest Winner (3A)

About Chief – As his father now Chief is a very energetic and playful dog, he loves to meet new people and tends to go crazy. He loves his longs walks and especially his peanut butter, but if you seem him you should be able to pet him just fine.

Josiah Blake

In todays class there was an animal contest hosted by Ms.Whitworth. Students were to post a picture of an Animal that means something to them.

The Winner of this event is the dog named “Chief” from Springdale MD.

Backstory – Chief is a Labrador Mixed who was rescued from a place called Last Chance Animal Rescue. He was adopted with him and his brother Chief and Champ, but he also has more siblings. He has a total of 6 siblings all adopted from the same rescue shelter. When Chief was adopted he had a severe case of tapeworms in which was dealt with in his 2 weeks of being adopted.