Six Tips on Self-Care


Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Sydney Ellis, Editor: Virginia Bates

Our school social worker, Ms. Hunt, has provided students with a wellness message to send support and coping methods to everyone during these tough times.

Ms. Hunt titles her message, “Weathering the Storm.” Ms. Hunt begins with a warm welcome into the new year and then begins to address her topics and six tips.

Ms. Hunt’s tips are as follows:

  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat healthy foods and try to incorporate some healthier food choices into your diet. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Improve your sleep habits and get enough sleep.
  1. Get Active: Exercise of some type (ie, hiking, swimming). Sign up for a fitness class or just walk. Walking 30 minutes a day is an excellent way to manage stress hormones and it’s known to have medically evidence-based positive results on the body!
  1. Find ways and places to relax: meditation practices, spiritual practices (praying), yoga, spa treatments (getting a massage or facial), mindfulness practices and breathing, journaling, signing up for psychotherapy or school-based counseling if needed.
  1. Treat yourself by talking to a close friend, spending time with family or friends, going dancing, watching your favorite TV show or movie, or reading a book.
  1. Focus on the good: Stay positive, connect with others, and practice ways to celebrate gratitude. Volunteer your time toward a good cause or organization.
  1. Seek Support: Get regular or yearly checkups, and seek mental health treatment if necessary (attend therapy). Seek out medical care if needed.

Self-care looks different for everyone and is critical to your social-emotional wellness. When the body is stressed, the body’s alarm bells go off!! It sends messages to the brain, letting it know it needs more energy and stimulation.

Identify what works for you. If you find yourself having difficulty and needing additional support, please reach out to your support network or Safe Zone, EAP resources, school administrator, school social worker, school psychologist, or school guidance department, for referrals to counseling or other services, etc.

In addition to her message, Ms. El-Kahina Hunt has provided students with her email address if you would like to ask her any questions or receive clarification on anything she mentioned in her message. You can contact Ms. Hunt at [email protected]