Prince George’s County Board Of Education Meeting Testimonial Speakers

Charles Herbert Flowers Staff Zena Whitworth Shares Her Concerns


Deontae Roach, Reporter

During the most recent Board of Education meeting, residents of the county were allowed to announce their concern following the Board’s future plans to heal and better the union for youth, generations to come, and those who still want a second shot at life. In this zoom meeting, each person was allowed 3 minutes to speak and direct their concerns with the Board. These following people had a lot to say about their issues.

Timothy Meyer

Meyer, the first the go, began his testimony speaking of COVID-19 issues. He explained how the virus is “spiraling” and his concerns with how it’s affecting public health

Patrick Paschall

Paschall was the next to go, he explained his concerns regarding public health with unvaccinated students roaming along with vaccinated students. He spoke about reopening schools with this concern in mind should be addressed.

Mayor Celina Benitez

Mayor Benitez chose to use her time to speak on vaccination among students. She stated her concerns from a mother’s perspective. Mayor Benitez explained how their are high risk and opportunities that unvaccinated students attending public schools will cause a big issue in public healing.

Dailia Sobers

Sobers took a different route in issues to address. She used her time to speak about uniform policies among students in the county. She explained how they’re supposed to help with students getting bullied, stopping violence issues, and preventing confusion. However, she explained that is only causing more issues and that she can not find how they’re fulfilling their purpose.

Zena Whitworth

Whithworth addressed the issue of the county’s decision to remove the Community Based Classroom (CBC) out of their budget. She explained how students in the CBC do not get to be in control of their future fate. Since it is not their choice, she request that the decision makers in the room be wise in the choices they make and how it could potentially impact generations now and to come. Whitworth explains how the CBC is an alternative program that allows students a second chance at life with flexibility. “What about the students who have to work? What about the students who have to take care of their children or siblings?  What about their dedicated youth is on probation and wants to learn now, but not in their old school where they created these habits, but in a place where they can be respected and have a second chance to graduate. Whitworth states to support her argument.

Gelidy Clavijo

Clavijo also addressed the issue of giving students a second chance in life by not removing the CBC from the budget. She explained how the CBC has contributed much success by allowing people a second chance at life. The people who attend are somewhat underdogs and aren’t expected to succeed because of their upbringing. However, Clavijo explains how this is the purposeful method. She states “being small is our secret to being successful” She explained how the students their are just one’s who’ve been forced to face with adulthood faster than expected. She expressed the idea that these students deserve a second shot.

Sarah Schauffler

Schauffler was another participant to explain the problem with removing the CBC from the county’s budget. Schauffler explained the hard work that the CBC has put out with the already limited materials that has visibly produced success. She explained how it is the only high school in the county that allows flexibility for those people that actually want to earn a second chance at life. She ended her testimony with her wishes that the county will ensure that the CBC program is not cut of PGCPS’s 2023 budget because of it’s importance for the future.

Daniel Daughtry – Weiss

Daughtry – Weiss was the last person to give a testimonial speech for his concerns. He addressed not one but many issues. These included sustainability, budget altercation, and climate change. He spoke about the need to restore our world for current and future generations to come. He also spoke about the need for support for finances for buildings of education. He also wants to support animals by planting more trees to feed and house animals. This will also benefit the community by providing more clear breathe-able air.