School Is in A State of Disrepair, and Parts of it Are Potentially Dangerous to Students

What can we do to improve our school?


Staff Photo by Virginia Bates

Chelsea Nnebedum, Editor: Virginia Bates

A school is a place where students are educated; it can also be any place where a specific discipline is taught.

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity, by a teacher, to walk around my school. I noticed the numerous statues, signboards, and institutions given and dedicated by alumni to significant individuals who supported Charles Herbert Flowers High School. What I also saw, however, was the ugly and unsafe features of the school.

For example, the trailers outside that are meant to be used as classrooms are instead collecting dust. The doors that lead outside that and are meant to stay locked at all times are open and accessible to others. There are far too many old, rusted, or even empty signboards. In addition, there aren’t enough outdoor sports practice fields.

As you can see, there are numerous issues that need to be addressed at the school, but how should they be addressed? How can we make our school better?