‘I need your help’ Recognizing Hackers on Your Social Medias

Personal experience with the Dangers of Social Media



Abigail Nwanwa and Editor: Virginia Bates

As many of us know, social media can be a very dangerous place. One of the dangers that come with it is hackers. The people who use their advanced technical skills to get into others’ private information

The platform where this can be very common is Instagram. It is a social media app that has over 1.3 billion people. People can freely receive direct messages from others, which can easily lead to hackers getting into their accounts.

You might think that you shouldn’t answer unknown accounts or block them, but hackers are much more advanced than this.

On Instagram, there has recently been a chain hacker going around. They can use someone else’s account and hack their mutuals, which are usually people that the account owner is familiar with. How I know this is that it recently happened to me.

I got the message “I need your help” at 4 am, answered it, and now I certainly learned from this. I believed that it was a friend who was struggling, so I chose to help them out. They needed my number (the first mistake I made) and asked me to send them the link they sent me (the second mistake I made), which eventually led to my account email and password being changed, so I couldn’t get back in.

After taking my account, they then direct messaged my mutuals, managing to take a couple of accounts. This causes a chain of accounts to be taken, which then leaves the hacker with many accounts and the freedom to do anything they want with them.

Luckily, after getting in contact with Instagram, I was able to get my account back within 24 hours. I do think now that it wasn’t smart to share my number with others over text, but I did write this as a warning. This is just to remind you to make rational decisions and watch out for the traps others set up on social media.

Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve ever experienced this.