Lunch Bell Schedule


Principal Dr. Brown

Principal Doctor Brown, Reporter: Stacey Alexis

In light of the new covid precautions that have been instilled in the school building, there is a new lunch bell schedule that student will have to follow until further notice.

In order to ensure that there is adequate spacing in the cafeteria during the lunch period, Students will either be sent to the gym or cafeteria at the beginning of the lunch period. Mid way through the lunch period, students will be switched using opposing doors. Assignments are identified below as either GYM !ST which designates that the assigned students’ classrooms will be going to the Gym when arriving for lunch or CAFE1ST that the assigned students’ classrooms will be going directly to the Cafeteria to eat first. Seating: No more than 6 students will be allowed to eat together on the round tables. Students will not be allowed to eat directly next to or in front of each other on the long rectangular table. Please do not eat where you see an X on the seat of the long table.¬†

Use the link below to grain access the the bell schedule and see when you eat lunch.