Principal’s Action Council Applications Open Now

The Deadline is January 28

Principals Action Council Applications Open Now

Emmanuel Makinde, Reporter: Damion Graham, Editor: Stacey Alexis

Are you someone who is passionate about stimulating change in our school culture and climate? If so, I am happy to announce the Principal’s Action Council is opening applications for the 2022-23 SY!

The Principal’s Action Council (PAC) is one of the lead organizations in our school as it relates to supporting the vision of ensuring that all students graduate college and career ready through a commitment to culture, collaboration, and critical thinking. Participants will be identified through an application and interview process. Please complete the PAC Application form by close of business, January 28.

All applicants are required to have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and one 1 teacher recommendation. Once you identify your teacher, send them the link to fill out this recommendation form.

I encourage you all to apply and use this as an opportunity to develop your leadership while contributing to the betterment of our school. Please see the linked flyer and share it with friends and colleagues. Once again, all students are welcome to apply. Good luck!”