Attack on Titan: Ten Years in the Making


Ibrahim Kargbo, Dusaun Shedden (Editor), and Daniel Onyejiekwe

It’s been a wild ride, but after almost 10 years Attack on Titan, a wildly popular manga and anime series by Hajime Isayama is coming to an end. Attack on Titan began on April 7,2013, and is now ending around March-April 2022, the final season truly a culmination of everything that took place in the previous three seasons. Although popular, everything wasn’t always smooth sailing, throughout it’s nine year run AOT faced numerous issues such as a studio change and numerous hiatues. Still, Attack on Titan is remembered as one of the greatest names and manga ever published in the Shonen Jump magazine. Here’s a bit more detail on what goes on behind the scenes of Attack on Titan and it’s publication.

Attack on Titan – Bumps in the Road
The series faced many obstacles like having to change animation studios mid season, the show went from being animated by Wit Studio to MAPPA. Many fans didn’t take kindly to the animation change, and how things shifted from 2D animation to CGI(for the Titans at the very least). Personally, it’s not very noticeable. The series also faced numerous hiatuses in the anime and manga.

Animation Studios
Although we as the consumer may want our content as fast as possible, animation is an extremely delicate and tedious process. Currently as we speak, many of MAPPA and other animation studio employees are underpaid for work that should be making them a lot more. I plan on touching on this later in a follow up article, but keep this in mind when wondering why so many anime and manga may have hiatus.

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