A Part of US

Original poem from book series ‘This is Where We Land’

A Part of US

Virginia Bates

Are we united?

England has a law that says you’re guilty until proven innocent

This sparked revolution

People tried to build a nation that’s equal

For everyone to be united.

A Nation where everyone can be free

People across nations travel across the raging water,

the burning sand, and poison to touch the land

The land that should be free

This is the USA, Untied States of America but are we united

We don’t see each other as people; we see each other as colors,

we don’t identify our testament or our self intervention

We attempt to caste ourselves as separate

We are not the United States of America

People are not to say by default that

We are just America


This poem is from a series of poetry from my book called ‘This is Where We Land’. You can acess the full version sometime in Spring 2022.