Part Time Jobs Take Away From Some Students Education

Amiyah Darden; Editor: Kenny Owona and EDITOR: Kenny Owona

Covid-19, and the variants that have followed, have majorly impacted students. Not just in Charles Herbert Flowers, but all around the world. Whether the impact being the creation of a bad habit or a student who is able to learn more efficiently through in person. It could also lead to something more serious.

The spread of Covid-19 and its variants have resulted in the world lockdown. Schools, offices, stores, restaurants, etc were being shut down temporarily. Parents started to lose their jobs or get put out of work one by one. It was devastating at first but soon things started to open up again. One of the biggest problem throughout this pandemic is money. Families are falling into poverty due to jobs paying less or even losing jobs. Due to this, many teens have started to work throughout the pandemic in order to support their families. It is stated, in USA Today research, that in May of 2020 33.2% of teens (ages 16-19) worked jobs within the national workforce. In research from Statista, in 2019 only 19.2% of teens (ages 16-19) worked jobs. So why don’t we support these hard working teens?

A student, whose name is Haley Lickstein, has created a foundation named “Full Time Students” where students who work are paid a monthly salary based on a job that pays $15 an hour. Students must be in high school and work a part time job to be able to join.

This foundation is being used to help students gain their education with less stress and without missing countless days of school. We want these teens to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. We should allow these students to be able to finish their high school education without the stress of having to work a job, which takes away from their learning time. Below is a google form that allows you to tell this foundation about your situation. What is it like working a part time job while being in high school?

Full Time Students – Share Your Story Google Form

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Please email Haley Lickstein if you have any questions or concerns!