What’s Up with these Vending Machines at Flowers?

Why are they off most of the time?

Valerie Martinez , Sydney Ellis, Editor

Since the beginning of this school year, there has been many complaints about the vending machines.

¨Why are the vending machines off?¨, ¨Why don’t the vending machines work?¨.  Why can’t the students go to the vending machines during lunch and get a snack? There are many questions as to why the vending machines at Flowers are shut off most of the time. Divine Kao from 10th grade said, ¨They always shut down the vending machines during the times I want a snack the most.¨ Many students during lunch time don’t go to the cafeteria to go eat lunch. Many are hoping that the vending machines, or at least one vending machine is on, so that they can buy a snack they’ve been craving all day. It’s a disappointment when you see all of the vending machines off and out of service. Why is there vending machines if they’re not going to be useful during the times that students need them the most?

Maybe there’s a reason as to why the vending machines get shut down. If the vending machines were to be open during lunch time, there would probably be chaos. Students always lounge around the vending machines to talk to their friends and hangout. Students tend to crowd the doors near the vending machines. If the vending machines were to be open at that time, there would be lines and lines of students waiting to get snacks from the vending machines. ¨They need to turn on those vending machines because I would be there everyday,¨ said Madeline Bautista from 10th grade. There would be some students taking forever to pick what they want from the vending machines and the other students behind them would probably get mad because they are taking forever. It could be a good thing that the vending machines are off during lunch so that chaos doesn’t strike. It could also be a bad thing that the vending machines are off. Students would want something to snack on, and sadly, we can’t receive those energy boosting, meal replacing, and right before class, snacks.