An Extensive List of Flowers’ Clubs and Organizations // February 2022 Edition

Omorose Emwanta

Charles Herbert Flowers has a club for virtually every topic imaginable! Whether you’re interested in honing your academic skills or discussing pop culture, Flowers has a club made just for you!

Creative Writers Club- The creative writers club is a club where we review each other’s works, collaborate on different projects, apply for writing-based competitions and scholarships, and volunteer. Each month we have a different theme for writing and every year we all collaborate on one big project and share it with the world. Since this a creative writing club, our focus is broad when it comes to writing. We include poems, short stories, novels, novellas, plays, poetry, scripts, manga, comics, and more. We even review different books and movies to help with inspiration. Lastly, we have a social media aspect of the club where we promote the works of our members, and promote the big project that we have each year.

Jag Paws Nail Club- Introduction to nail art, nail design, and more!

Lift Club- We are a club that participated in activities to help lift up the spirits of others. We do different activities that help the school in different ways.

Make A Difference (MAD) Committee- The MAD Committee aims to promote youth activism, strengthen connections between communities, provide social work opportunities within subjects of discrimination, mental health, climate change and more.

National Art Honor Society- NAHS will finish past projects this year and begin new murals.

National Chinese Honor Society- For students who want to learn more about Chinese culture.

National English Honor Society- NEHS is an honor society dedicated to the English language and its Literature works. As a club we organized events surrounding English whether it be poetry contests or book drives.

Peer Tutoring- a club exclusively designed to help students struggling in classes and a place for students to come and study and receive help with their homework assignments. Students work one on one with designated peers at the time and place of their choosing. This club is designed for students seeking help from other students, not teacher referrals. This club will also provide peer to peer essay review, college application assistance, study groups, and many other forms of academic assistance.

SOAR (Students of Applied Robotics) Robotics Club- Robotics Club for FRC.

Spanish Honor Society- The goal and purpose of this club is to honor those who have achieved upper level in Spanish and maintain an A, B GPA, who show leadership qualities, participate in school activities and serve in the community. Spanish Honor Society members participate in many service projects and promote a positive outlook to the future at CHFHS.

Sports & Data Science Club- The purpose of this club is to analyze sports data from recent games.

Youth Art For Healing- YAFH will be completing 6 paintings for children’s National hospital and as of right now 14 paintings for local healthcare workers.