Winner of Journalism 1A’s Tree Photo Contest: Jaylen Pearsall


Jaylen Pearsall

A beautiful sunset at our beautiful Mecca

Favour Ijaola

It is now a tradition for each class to partake in a weekly photo contest. Journalism teacher, Ms. Whitworth, gives the students a topic or theme and the objective is for them to take a picture of something that represents it and write a caption that relates to it. On January 15th, 2022, a new topic was given: trees. Out of 32 students, only 17 students turned in a photo. Jaylen’s submission was the one to come out on top, just by default. All the contestants were allowed to sell the rest of the class on why they should win “Best Photo”. He talked about why he took a picture of the scene. He said he was given some free time during practice and noticed how beautiful the sunset was.

Only 5 people got past the first round. The second round was to test whether people were paying attention. They were to give a final 10-second conclusion, but this time, their name was not going to be called. They had to be actively watching the screen to know if it was their turn. None of the other contestants were able to do that, except for Pearsall, and that was what made him victorious.