Interview with the Outside Linebacker for the Jaguars, Kaden Moody


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Cydney Thompson, Editor: Virginia Bates

Interview with an Editor, Writer, Strong safety, and Outside Linebacker for the CHFHS Varsity Football Team, Kaden Moody

Kaden plays for our CHFHS Football team. He was recently chosen out of everyone in the county to go to the Hawaii Bowl in Orlando, Florida back in December 2021. This is an interview with him about his experience and what he plans to further do about his career in pursuing being in the NFL.


1. Do you feel like your play style is good for the games you play? – Cydney Thompson
• Yes I do believe my playstyle has a major involvement because  I have been trying to perfect my position since I was a freshman in high school so for me to have 3 years of preparation but not 4 because I didn’t have a junior season I should be able to get the hang of it. -Kaden Moody

2. Do you think you will be next up in NFL in a few years? – Cydney Thompson
• Yes I know I will be next up going to the NFL it’s the only thing that my mind is focused on – Kaden Moody

3. How do you feel about being chosen to go to the Hawaii Bowl? – Cydney Thompson
• It was an honor to be chosen out of a whole bunch of other people in the country coaches and players Coming from different states and you hear different accents it’s a chance you have to go into each day of practice and look at everyone as competition. – Kaden Moody

4. If you were to play in the NFL what team would you play for? – Cydney Thompson
• I would love to play for the Seattle Seahawks. – Kaden Moody

5. Were you able to meet some of the top-tier players during your experience at the Hawaii Bowl? – Cydney Thompson
• I met new people and they turned out to actually be good because some players played defense and also offense so it was great. – Kaden Moody

6. Did you enjoy the Hawaii Bowl? – Cydney Thompson
• I definitely enjoyed the Hawaii tiki bowl it was a great experience I had to be adapted to being in certain situations because I had to play Wide Receiver and also strong safety. – Kaden Moody


Interview on January 20th, 2022. Via Instagram
Interviewer – Cydney Thompson
Interviewee – Kaden Moody