The Education System Produces Mindless Robots

Students should control their own future.


Deontae Roach

Deontae Roach, Editor: Stacey Alexis

Many people grow up believing that they’re not smart enough, they get diagnosed with mental diseases like ADHD because they can’t pay attention, or become unsuccessful because they did not do well with school. The truth is the things we’re taught in school are not always needed throughout life. Some of the most intelligent people sit behind their desks everyday dreading their life because the school system taught them to settle for less.

The school system does not want to provide the youth with the resources needed to become successful because they don’t want the youth to succeed. The system would rather feed our minds with repeated commands on how to work hard for simple treats as if we are pets. The system wants nothing more than to produce good employees to continue an everlasting cycle. They want to raise us to be mindless robots and do whatever we’re told.

In reality, school teaches many people the opposite of what it takes to be truly successful.

“Don’t make mistakes.” “Do exactly as you’re told.” “Take a test by yourself.” “Do everything on your own.”
“There’s only one right answer.” I mean look at this format of thinking, it’s unrealistic and inhumane. It’s no wonder why the current success rate is what it is.

There is never one way to solve a problem, there are millions of ways to resolve problems. There should be new ways of teaching that prevents students from being scared to make mistakes. We shouldn’t be overly independent, we’ll forget how to work together. There should be synergy in a school environment where students are able to brainstorm and produce multiple answers to the world’s problems.

Do not let the school system kill your learning spirit. Be excited to learn what interests you. Take advantage of the resources that will grant you success.