Who Are Our Executives? Know Your County

Oluwadamilola Afe

Prince George’s County is a county amongst counties. Just like all of them, they have a government tasked with providing for the people, as well as listening to their needs. Although it may seem we will rarely ever interact with these government members, we do on a near daily basis with the work they’ve put in place. These involve things such as going to school, overseen by the Board of Education, and environmental cleanup, seen by the Department of the Environment. Just what are most of these executives at the top doing, however? Let’s start there.

Angela D Alsobrooks is the current County Executive. She manages the day to day activities and operations of the County’s government, as well as overseeing many of the roles of lesser commanding officers, such as Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer, and an assortment of internal divisions within the government. Our Chief Administrative Officer is Tara H. Jackson. She is manages the executive branch departments within the county, which accounts for things like performance and accountability. She also manages, and is assisted by her Deputy Chief Administrative Officers, which can be found in the image below.

Next to the Chief Administrative Officer is the Chief of Staff. This role is currently held by Joy A. Russell, with the Deputy being John Erzen. This division is more ambassador-like, aiming to maintain policies that the county sets, managing relations with other governments such as the General Assembly and the County Council, and overseeing things like partnerships and communications within the County.

There are a large amount of offices, departments, and organizations within the county. The county has a website where they collect, display, and update all this information to be as accurate as possible. This website can be found at https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov. It also includes the emails of respective officials, in case you ever have the need to get in touch with one directly.


Chart displaying the hierarchy of the county government.