The Principals Action Council is Accepting Applications to Improve the School’s Environment


Makyah White

The Principals Council in Action.

Amiyah Darden and Editor: Virginia Bates

Our school’s climate and culture should be a safe place. A place where students should feel secure, their basic needs should be met, and their voices should be heard. A school should encourage students to share ideas, express themselves and learn.

This is where the Principals Action Council comes into place. Students, employees, staff members, and parents all come together to make sure the students within our school are able to achieve academic success and are comfortable. Their goal is to make sure students are prepared to graduate college and are career-ready.

They do this through discussions, communication, and sharing knowledge. Here, is a link to PAC Accomplishments, which shows you events that have been held by the Principals Action Council in the past.

To apply you will need a GPA of 2.5 or above and 1 teacher recommendation. If you meet both of the requirements and are interested in joining, please see the forms below. Applications will be closed on January 28 2022 so hurry and fill yours out today!

Principals Action Council Application Form

Teacher Recommendations Form

If you would like to give the PAC feedback please fill out the form here