Guidelines For the Remainder of the Week


Jennifer Tamayo

Please take care.

Chelsea Nnebedum, Writer: Editor Brian Skinner Jr

As per Principal Gorman Brown:

Jaguar Students and Staff,

Today was a tough day.

This school has stood tall for 22 years. It EARNED the name “Mecca of Excellence ” because of the efforts of the students and staff who have always strived for the best from each other and our community. The members of this institution have been committed to breaking stereotypes and exceeding expectations since its inception. Our members stand on the shoulders of our namesake Charles H. Flowers and matriarch Helena Nobles Jones.

They would be, as we were, ashamed of what they saw from many of our scholars today.

For the rest of the week:
We are on a no-pass policy. If you must leave the classroom for an emergency, please inform your teacher and they will contact the main office
Students captured loitering, even during lunch, will be eligible for immediate discipline including exclusion from school until a parent can return the student and meet with a member of the administrative team.
We will revisit whether these policies will be necessary moving forward next week.

Tomorrow will be a better day.