Why Do Students Fight?

Dakota Meekins, Bryanna D

In school, violence has been steadily increasing since winter break, and a rising question from parents and staff is, “Why do students fight?”

In school, there are multiple resources students can use when they reach a conflict, including peer mediation and a visit to the school psychologist.

Why not take advantage of these resources instead of participating in a dangerous act that will attract disciplinary measures like suspension or expulsion?

It seems that some students use fighting as a way to gain popularity or a reputation. “Kids come to school trying to fight to look cool and make a name for themselves,” -Lataya Marshall-Senior.

Why be known for fighting when you can be known for attaining honor roll or being a respectful student. It is beneficial to make a positive mark early on in your time at C.H. Flowers and keep your record clear.

Sooner than many of you think you will be graduating and need recommendations from administrators and teachers, what will they write about if you’re known for being disruptive? It is not too late to change the course of your high school career. think about your future and what you plan to do when you leave here.

Are you on track?

It is encouraged that students do their best to walk away from tense situations that could end in an altercation. Re-evaluate the people you interact with and think of how your friendship benefits each other. A real friend will not put you in a dangerous situation.