My honest feel on the new “guidelines” for this week.

Punishment is Excessive and Unfair

Tamya Anderson, Editor//Dakota Meekins


Today is Friday, January 28, 2022, the end to what has been an awfully long one for most people. Between the multiple altercations, new COVID updates, and new guidelines, I have been trying to get this week done and over with. 

I have seen and heard stories about the guidelines we must follow this week and it was a bit too “formal.” 

The punishments are not fair to students. To be one minute late to class and suspended is just too much. One suspension can ruin our chances of getting into the “dream” college we all imagine ourselves in. To say goodbye to Harvard because your 30 seconds late to class is uncalled for. 

To save this from happening to you just please follow all the rules and regulations, hopefully this taught a “lesson” to those who need it, and we will not have to go through another week of these guidelines again.