Do You Want To Spend $100,000 for a Job That Pays You $50,000?

Prepping For The Future


Deontae Roach, Reporter/Writer | Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

It is extremely important that we encourage our youth to attend college. However, it is more important that they’re not rushed in this crucial decision. It’s important that students take their time in choosing the correct path because the results will have a defining impact on their future. Many adults dread their lives because they’re still paying off student loans in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. These loans are taking majority of their checks and the education that was obtained is doing more damage than good. We want to end this everlasting cycle. This is why students should follow this list before making any hasty decisions.

Thinking About Life


1. Their perspective

The most important factor is your vision. You have to have a vision for yourself, otherwise you’re walking into a blind future. You won’t know what to expect and more importantly, you won’t know what to prepare for. Take your time, tour the college and see how it makes you feel. The right college will prepare you correctly and provide you with the tools that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

2. Possible internship opportunities

While you’re in college, you want to be elevating at all possible chances.  You’re there for a reason, try to find opportunities that provide experience in the field you’re interested in. This does not only aid in acquiring your desired career, but finding discovering passions and networking. Study the location that you’re going to study in.

3.  Your safety

It’s important that you research your university’s safety measures and protocols. You will be the one that they’re protecting so you should find out if it’s dependable or not. You should also research the area. This includes the near-by neighborhoods, stores, and the campus.

4. Support for academic and career services

Finding out your school’s graduating rates and placement rates for jobs . Postgraduate schools are important. You need to find out the chances of you being successful and blossoming into your career. Remember, you’re always prepping for the future. You also need to find out what your school offers in obtaining education. You need to find out if you’ll be on your own or if there are tutoring programs and subject assistance. This says a lot about the school because it shows how much they actually care about your growth.

5. Daily campus life

You need to find out the type of atmosphere you will be surrounded by.  This is not only important for your future, but your mental and physical health. An environment that is uplifting and orderly is the key to a productive future. You need to know what you’re going to eat, go and do in your free time, live, and who you’re going to be around. Many schools provide Residence Life Programs for students while they attend. Check these out and ask questions about the environment.

6. Athletic and extracurricular activities

Many students are blessed with admirable talents and abilities. So there should be programs set for these talents and abilities to be admired. Participating in activities also looks good on resumes so why not be in an environment that provides these opportunities?

7. What you want to major & minor in

What you major and minor in should always contribute to the educational experience in your future career. Otherwise, why are you even there? Find out the organization in the curriculum and find the classes that best fit you.

8. Class size and peer surroundings

There should always be support and encouragement in a learning environment. Many students need a little push at times so there should always be someone there to prompt them up. This is why finding our class size is critical. If a class is too large in the quantity of students, then the teacher more than likely won’t be able to engage with students correctly. They will have too much to deal with. Some students will probably be afraid to ask questions or speak up in large environments. This negatively affects the students. Students need to find the correct environment for themselves.

9. Daily life and educational cost & fees

Students should always have a budget to aid in saving money and not overspending. To help with this, students should research the financial aid that the institution provides. Students can also research scholarship opportunities because there’s never wrong with any extra help. So check out the availability.

10. Travel life & distance from home

You’ll be in school almost half the year, it’s important to know how you will get around. You’ll need to know whether you’ll have to drive around or possibly catch buses or trains. You will also need to know the school’s distance from your home. You’ll want to travel home for holidays or family events, so you should know how far you’ll have to travel and how often.


Do your research students, it is crucial in having a productive future.